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Why I choose .XYZ domains?

Why I choose .XYZ domains?


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"The next generation of the internet for Generation XYZ" - This is claimed by official registry operator for .xyz domain. Is it really true or they are exaggerating?  If we look at the sales statistics for .xyz domain, it is fair to say that they have solid arguments to back their claim. Since its launched, it got a tremendous acceptance from the people. There are over 2,656,342+ domains registered so far and this makes it one of the all time best selling generic top level domain(gTLD). It outranks all of the others new gTLDs like .site, .website, .bid and many more. 

At present, on average, more than 4,140 .xyz domains are registered per day. Many people argue that it is waste of money to buy .xyz domain and the hype it created is just temporary. There is one more argument they give, since Google chosen as home for their new parent company 'Alphabet',  it makes people go crazy thinking that it is going to replace .com. 

Apart from debate whether it has worth or not, there are some really cool facts which urge anyone to buy .xyz domain. Following are the few of them:

Most generic gTLD

Since the start of the internet, there has always been a compelling need to have something which can be used for everything whether it is an enterprise, small business or organization. There exists few like .net, .org along with .com but these means for something different. .Com is meant for commercial entities, .net is meant for networks and .org is for organizations. 

But there was no extension which can be applied everywhere and for any purpose. There there came .xyz, which fulfill this gape. Although .xyz has no literal meaning but it means 'something'. You can apply this to any business, entity, organization or institute. Whether you own a restaurant, a travelling company, an insurance company, or charity organization, .xyz perfectly suits your niche. 

Simple and easy-to-find address

Who don't want to have a simple, short, and easy to remember website address for his business? On the top of that, it is relatively cheap than other new gTLDs. With the rapid increase in businesses and domain resellers, it has become really hard to find a suitable .com domain for your new startup. Either they are already in use or have been bought by someone in hope to sell it later. So you are left with only one choice to pay high price at the beginning just to acquire merely a name for your online presence. It can cost you up to 3-8 figure $ amount at the moment. It is huge for new businesses and really discourage as well.

But why not try new gTLD like .xyz which is available and cheap as well. You don't need to pay hefty amount for website address and better spend that amount to boost your business. Since Google does not consider domain extension in Google Search ranking anymore, you are at peace now. It is only a matter of time when this new extension with be recognizable for majority of the people around the world.  

Why I like this extension?

Just like others, I love this extension. It gives me bundles of easiness to decide what I need for my future plans and what I can do right now with it. When I decided to go into domain reselling business, I had to decide domain name for my domain portfolio home. I decided in favor of .xyz instead of .com or .net extensions. Although, I own and I can buy any other new gTLD but it does not suit what I need it to be. I was looking for something really generic where I can put anything whether it is domain reselling business, my company development portfolio or any future startup I am planning. 

After acquiring, I didn't look back. I purchased over over 125 .xyz domains so far and it is still increasing. Some may think I am a fool to waste money but I have really bigger plans for these. It all depends where you want to go and what level you want to achieve. I am not only planning to flip them(which is not primary objective), I will develop them and will launch them as startups. 

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