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What is domain hosting?

What is domain hosting?


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Whether you are starting a blog or website, you need hosting to host your domain name. There are many things associated with domain hosting which you can do to get most out of it. 

The most common stuff, you can do with domain hosting, includes domain parking, domain forwarding, domain masking, domain locking and domain subnetting. These features vary from one hosting service to another hosting service. When you plan to buy a hosting for your domain, make sure to get through all the offered services along with hosting package.

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What is domain parking?

If you are not intend to develop your domain name into a website and want to keep it for long time for any reason such as selling domain to another owner or not yet ready to launch the business, you may need to park your domain name. There can be many other reasons to use domain parking service like using domain name only for services such as URL shortening or emails etc.

Domain parking can be used to notify an upcoming business website by using "Under Construction" page and collecting subscribers. Many big and medium scale companies. which own trademarks, also register domains other than .com and then park them to avoid potential cyber-squatting. 

Another popular use of domain parking among domainers is for the parked domain monetization, in which the domain name just shows a landing page with advertising links mostly from pay per click (PPC) agreement. There are many companies which offers just domain parking services to monetize the domain names like Sedo, Bodis, and Efty etc.

What is domain forwarding?

Domain forwarding is a popular way of using multiple domain name for a single website. The domain forwarding service enables you to forward your domain name to a homepage or website with a different domain name. Sometimes, it is also referred to URL redirection, URL forwarding, and domain redirection. There can be many situation when you need to use this service and few of them are following:

  • To handle misspelled version of your domain name by redirecting customers to actual domain name. For example, you hold and you redirect to your website. 
  • To substitute a short and easy to remember name for one that is longer. For example, is redirected to!
  • To use multiple domain name extensions for one website like .org, .io, .xyz and .net etc.
  • To capture the leads using the exact keyword domain name.
  • If you want to move your website to new domain name, you still need to redirect the old domain name to avoid visitors loss. 

There are many ways to misuse domain forwarding to scam the visitors or to fool the search engines, but when caught doming this, you may suffer reduced page rank or banning from monetization institutes. 

What is domain masking?

Domain masking is also known as domain cloaking or URL masking. The domain masking is very helpful in allowing the visitors to see the content of the forwarded website without revealing the actual URL. The visitors will see the same URL they typed in browser window or chose from the search engine or click on any affiliate URL. 

It is also useful to land the visitors at a specific section of your website by using sub domains. Sometimes, you may need URL masking for not confusing visitors with a long name of the website that you may have built before a short and better name became available. 

What is domain locking?

Domain locking service is useful to prevent your domain name being transferred without your authorization to another person. When you want to move your domain name from one registrar to another registrar, you can disable the security lock of the website to do so. There are some hosts which provide domain locking service by default and others may it as an additional ad-on service.

What is domain subnetting?

Domain subnetting is a famous and popular way to use one domain name for multiple services. Many hosts allow the customer to create sub-domain from the primary domain name. Sub-domains includes the primary domain name in URL and a prefix followed by dot(.)! For example, you own domain name and you can create sub domains like etc. for your company services. 

Above are the few of the popular services you get with domain hosting. Majority of the top hosts provide above services without any additional charges. But it is always a good approach to know about the hosting features in advance before you place an order. 

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