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Unexpected Success of .KIWI Domain Name

Unexpected Success of .KIWI Domain Name


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After a time of a lot of development in the New Zealand’s web addresses field, Dot Kiwi reported about 12 000 registrations within the first months of business.

.Kiwi is officially the only gTLD domain name which has been approved so far by ICANN for New Zealand.  Starting with 1st May 2014, many individuals and companies have bought domain names that end with .kiwi, in order to personalize their websites and email addresses.

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The new domain addresses release is currently in its beginning phase, but is growing fast, as Angus Richardson, CEO of Dot Kiwi, notices. Dot Kiwi domain has exceeded expectations about sales, proving how interested people are in New Zealand in going for new possibilities. If previously people had to resort to .com or .net names, now they have a much wider choice. Currently .kiwi has reached position 25 in point of worldwide sales.

There are important organizations and personalities who currently use this domain name, starting with telecom companies, sportsmen, actors and many more. The registration of .kiwi has also led to an increase of sales for .nz domain names and another consequence is that Australia is about to allow people to buy domain names ending in .au, which gives New Zealand an important role of leader in the region, according to Richardson.

Domain Name Sales Report for April 13, 2016

Dot Kiwi has been one of the first domain names created to connect people with their geographical and cultural identity and it was followed by other denominations such as .londoners, .parisians or .berliners. At the same time, it was launched in order to allow customers to associate their business to New Zealand on the internet, offering a wider choice and creativity to people and organizations and the possibility of a different brand than the competitors.

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