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Three Steps to Domain Investing Victory in 2016

Three Steps to Domain Investing Victory in 2016


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2016 will be the year of an even larger rising tide, and I believe it’s going to take our industry to some powerful new heights. It is my genuine opinion that if you don’t get in now, you’ll be the one regretting it in ten years.

Before you get too excited, though, you must first understand that you cannot see domain names as a flashing jackpot siren on a slot machine in some Vegas casino. There aren’t any showgirls throwing hundred dollar bills into the air, no clowns riding around on unicycles blowing confetti into the sky, and surely no best friends circling you while clapping and blowing on New Years Eve horns. It’s not your birthday, it’s not a lottery ticket, nor is it some magical saviour from afar. Domain names are a commodity, and you must see them as your next most important financial manoeuvre. But that’s only the beginning…

Think about it like this: if investing is like a battle field, and you wish to be victorious, you must become a better warrior, right? You have to sharpen your weapons between battles, right? You must gain allies along the way, right?

These are my three most important steps to becoming a better domain investing warrior, and obtaining a victory in 2016.

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