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Learn How Domain Backorder Process Works

Learn How Domain Backorder Process Works

A complete guide on how to get a domain name through backorder process


When you want to start a new company or brand, your first task is to check whether the domain name is available or not. This can be easily done through any domain registrar such as GoDaddy etc. You can also check the domain availability via, which offers detailed information about domain names — such as Whois information, DNS (domain nameservers) information & website information if already developed.

After thinking of various domain names and searching for it more than enough time, you finally got it. But that one minute moment of happiness is ruined quickly, when seeing your ideal domain name is already taken. It leads to a huge disappointment.


As new domain names are registered day by day, so are expired domain names appearing. Due to the fact the original owner didn’t pay the renewal, expired domains are free to be registered by new owners. This whole process of trying to acquire a domain name once it became available for registration is called the domain backorder process. You must be fast if you want to get the perfect domain. The current owner might be renewing in the last minute and lose it. Or the process itself might fail.

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There are a lot of things involved when backordering a domain name. Let’s take for example an auction, which is the most common thing. Even if it seems to be an endless process, it’s fair for all the customers, private or public, they all have equal chances to get the respective domain name. During private auctions all your personal information will be protected and not being listed in the Whois database.

How the domain backorder process work?

There is a chance to see the option to backorder a domain when looking for a domain name already registered. How? Although the holder hasn’t pay the renewal when specified, he still has a 75-day expiration process, having the chance to re-register the domain name before it goes on somebody else’s hands. Only after the owner didn’t renew it the backorder process can start.

When a domain name expires, it doesn't just instantly become available on the market for re-registration. The previous owner still has time to get it back. The grace period starts just after the domain expires which lasts for 40 days. During this period, the domain services  such as website, email address, FTP accounts etc.  are shutdown but the domain owner can still renew the domain. So after you place the domain backorder, you still have to wait for the grace period before you can take over a domain name.

But that is not all over. There is a redemption period followed by the grace period. It spans for another 30 days. During this period, the previous owner can still renew the the domain, but after paying extra fees. Finally, after the redemption period ends, there is a five day delete period during which the previous ownership record is erased and the domain becomes available on the market for registration. In short, it takes almost 75 days for a domain name to actually expire — from the expiration date till the delete period. 

Is this a guaranteed process?

No! In case you wonder if domain backorders are a sure service, you have to know they aren't. Even though if you have a backorder on the domain name, you still may fail to get it. Since, it takes almost two and a half months for a domain name to actually expires and a number of people are interested in being the first one to grab it. It is possible that you may not be the only person interested in getting that domain name via backorder. Any number of people can place the backorders on that particular domain name. 

Moreover, there are drop domain name catching services such as,, & apart from Goddy, which offer specialized domain backorder services. It is possible that your efforts to register the domain name during the drop process go in vein due to these services. They have dedicated servers to make multiple requests instantly when an expired domain name drops. 

If there are chances to acquire this domain name, so are to lose it. When a backorder domain name gets available and their service fails, you can ask a refund or re-resign the backorder to another domain name. When this happens you will be immediately notified by email.

Getting domain name from auction

When your preferred domain dropped and then listed for auction, you will receive specific instruction about your participation. All backorders come with Domain Monitoring, which is a useful service that gives you the possibility to track your domain name. You will be able to see all changes to its status. 

Domain names which have expired and placed on backorders can not be purchased like a regular one. Instead, they go to auction and you are invited with other people (those who have backordered that particular domain name) to place bids on and to attempt to win the auctions. It holds true even if you are the only one who backorder the domain name. cjcgroupp

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You may want to sign up for automatic bidding services. There are few companies which offer this service to help you get the domain name by winning the auction. For this, you have to decide how much you are willing to pay for that particular domain name and what should be the increment — placing new bid $5 or $10 higher than the previous one placed by another bidder. In the auction process, it is normal to end up paying between $50 and $1000 or even more depending on the quality and type of domain name. 

Cancellation of backorder process

If you decide you don’t want anymore to backorder that domain name, you can cancel it by navigating to the Removing Domains Management section, but first enter into you account. This section may vary from registry to registry. Before removing it be sure this decision is the right one. 

Wrapping Up

Although, backorder process does not really guaranteed that you must get the domain name for sure, but it gives you an opportunity to acquire any good domain if you are lucky enough. Keep in mind, backordering popular domain names will decrease the likelihood at large that those domains will expire. Better to look for domain names which are less active but have good keywords combination.
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