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Domain Name Sales Report for June 25, 2016

Domain Name Sales Report for June 25, 2016


The highest reported domain name sold on 25th June, 2016 was which was sold for for $4,650 at DropCatch. It is yet not clear who bought this but it is good domain related to agriculture business. I did some search on Google and found that there are always few companies with name AgriChem mainly from UK, USA, Europe and Australia. This is the top level extact match .com domain.

The second highest sale reported yesterday was – a Chinese keyword domain name – which was sold for $4,600 also at DropCatch.  DropCatch took both 1st and 2nd spots for 25th June top sale chart.

Domain Name Sales Report for June 23, 2016

As per the sales statistics of for June 25th, there were 164 domain names sold for a total of $75,854 with an average sale price of $463 per domain name. There were 25% less sales as compared to previous day and total sale price dropped to almost half – 52%.

Following is the complete list of top 25 domains sold on 25th of June, 2016 (results taken from

  • $4,650 DropCatch
  • $4,600 DropCatch
  • $4,500 Flippa
  • $4,400 Flippa
  • $3,805 GoDaddy
  • $2,222 NameJet
  • $2,000 NameJet
  • $1,961 DropCatch
  • $1,700 Flippa
  • $1,525 GoDaddy
  • $1,464 DropCatch
  • $1,350 DropCatch
  • $1,121 NameJet
  • $1,020 NameJet
  • $990 GoDaddy
  • $906 DropCatch
  • $906 4.CN
  • $861 DropCatch
  • $860 NameJet
  • $816 NameJet
  • $760 GoDaddy
  • $754 DropCatch
  • $722 NameJet
  • $701 DropCatch
  • $579 GoDaddy
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