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Domain Name Sales Report for April 21, 2016

Domain Name Sales Report for April 21, 2016

Author was the highest reported domain name sold on 21th April, 2016 for $62,128 at Sedo.  IT jobs are very popular now a days as the IT industry is growing like insane. It can be a great ROI for any company starting an IT jobs search website. 

The second highest sale reported was which was sold for $33,600 at NameJet.  According to, there were 285 domain names sold on April 21th 2016 - comparatively more than previous two days - averaging approximately $1,242 per domain.

Domain Name Sales Report for April 21, 2016

Other notable top 25 domain name sales for April 21th, 2016 are following: 22,456 USD NameJet 20,300 USD NameJet 20,010 USD NameJet 16,150 USD NameJet 15,080 USD Sedo 14,600 USD NameJet 13,442 USD Sedo 5,400 USD NameJet 4,500 USD GoDaddy 4,200 USD GoDaddy 3,516 USD BuyDomains 2,691 USD BuyDomains 2,600 USD NameJet 2,579 USD NameJet 2,288 USD BuyDomains 2,101 USD NameJet 1,915 USD 4.CN 1,900 USD BuyDomains 1,729 USD 4.CN 1,694 USD Sedo 1,667 USD 4.CN 1,667 USD 4.CN 1,667 USD 4.CN

You can find the complete list of domain names sold on 21th of April, 2016 here:

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