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BlueHost Affiliate Program

BlueHost Affiliate Program

An expert guide on how to sign up and earning money from BlueHost web hosting affiliate program.


BlueHost is one of the top hosting company that mainly focused on highly optimized and cost effective shared web hosting along with other types of hosting solutions such as VPS, WordPress hosting, dedicated and reseller hosting plans. BlueHost is very popular among the freelancers and small to medium businesses that are just kicking off their servicesdue to their affordable plans. 

BlueHost web hosting has been around since 2 decades and has managed to establish itself as a reliable and long standing hosting provider in the industry. The host offers the excellent hosting services aimed at extremely cost effective and intuitive to use.

Why BlueHost Affiliate Program? 

BlueHost affiliate program is very simple and has friendly approach towards affiliate marketers. The company rewards the affiliate partners when new users sign up for company's solutions. There is no upper bound on the amount of commission you can earn as an affiliate. The company says that it has paid more than $5 million to its affiliates alone last year.

BlueHost affiliate program pays thousands of dollars as commission to its top affiliates every year for promoting company's various products and services on their websites and blogs. You can sign up and promote BlueHost on your website and drives visitors to sign up at BlueHost; and in return, you will earn $65 for each referral.

The BlueHost affiliate program puts an opportunity to offer a great service to your website visitors and to earn a healthy sum of money for doing so.

Your Unrealized Benefits as BlueHost Affiliate

Joining BlueHost affiliate program will entitle you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easy Registration: Signing for affiliate is very straightforward and takes only minutes.
  • Unlimited Earnings: There is no limit on the amount of commission you can earn. 
  • Dedicated Affiliate Team: BlueHost has a dedicated affiliate team which is ready to offer you free support and advice to help you get started.
  • Proven Success: BlueHost affiliate program is very popular among the website owners and bloggers. In last year, the company paid out $5 million in commissions alone. 
  • Proven Performance: Thanks to highly optimized BlueHost's products and services, the affiliate enjoys exclusive benefits of driving traffic as the conversion rate is high.
  • Reliable Tracking: The program offers a detailed insight of your performance including CTR conversions and commission payments.
  • Customizable Campaigns: Create and monitor customized campaigns to target the specific audience across different websites, social media and more. 

 Potential Drawbacks? BlueHost in-house affiliate scheme has a minimum referral payout threshold of $100 in the first year. In simple words, if you will refer just one customer in first year, you won't get paid. In addition to this, if any customer downgrades his plan, it will cause your referral fee to be forfeited and will be deducted from your future earnings.  


Earning Potential Per Sale

Since there is no upper bound on how much you can earn while promoting BlueHost services, it all depends on your marketing efforts. BlueHost is popular for its payout structure. By default, BlueHost offers $65 per sale when someone buys their product via your referral link. Though, it is not fixed. 

They are generous to offer more amount – around $100-$125 per sign up – to those blogs that they feel would be able to bring back more customers. Also, when you start referring 5-10 sales per month, they would increase your per sign up bounty to over $150-$200+. You can ask for that to their customer support by showing them the sale stats for last few months. 

Payout Options

You can withdraw your affiliate earning via:

  • PayPal
  • Wire Transfer if you earn more than $10,000 monthly

Key Products

BlueHost offers a variety of products to select from for promotion:

  • Shared web hosting
  • Virtual Private Server(VPS) hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Cloud sites
  • domains

How to Sign Up for BlueHost Affiliate Program?

Affiliates can sign up directly with BlueHost in-house affiliate program, or with an affiliate network like Commission Junction (CJ). If you already have an account at Commission Junction, you may prefer to join BlueHost affiliate program on it to avoid potential minimum payout hazard for the first year. Otherwise, compare the payout terms of both program before you take decision on which one to promote on your website.

Prior to applying for BlueHost affiliate program, you will need following things:

  • a PayPal account to receive affiliate earnings
  • Tax information 

Step 1: Learn About BlueHost Affiliate Program

Before you sign up, visit to learn more about BlueHost affiliate program, its terms and conditions, the benefits it offers and more.

Step 2: Fill The Registration Form

Click on green sign up button to fill the registration form.

Fill in the registration form with desired username, create a strong password, enter your personal details, mailing address and provide you PayPal account information as well.

 Pro Tip: Make sure you have a valid website or blog URL that you enter in the form. This shows them you've serious online presence and wants to promote their services.

After you fill the registration form, hit the 'Sign Up' button and that's all. Your application will be sent to BlueHost affiliate support team that will further look into the details before it is approved. They will get back to you via email once your application is fully approved or rejected. 

Step 3: Add Tax Information

Once your application is approved, the next step is to fill out the tax information form, a mandate to receive payment for referrals. The tax information form may vary based on your country of residence. In general, there are two types of forms available for selection:

1. W-9 Form: For US Citizen or Business (Resident Alien, Corporation etc.)

2. W-8 Form: For non-US Citizens

Choose from either you are a US citizen or not and then fill out either Form W-9 (for US citizens) or Form W-8BEN (for international affiliates). 

Step 4: Add Promotion Banners to Your Website

When you're done with sign-up and tax information, now it is a perfect time to promote BlueHost products and services on your website or blog. Visit and start creating your marketing campaign. Choose from various banners which best fits in your website for promotion. 

Affiliate Support

For questions or inquiries regarding the affiliate program or support, you can send them an email at or call them directly at +1 (855) 676-2134 (Monday - Friday from 9am - 5 pm MST).


It is always good to diversify your income streams instead of relaying on one one source. BlueHost offers competitive commission for new sales to its affiliate partners. I know many people who are earning $$$$ per month by just promotion BlueHost products and services on their blogs and websites. The market is there, all you need to make sure is that you are able to attract the buyers to buy through your referral link. 

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