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16 .XYZ Domain Was Sold for $379,376

16 .XYZ Domain Was Sold for $379,376


The popularity of .XYZ domain family is increasing a lot with the passage of time. It is already one of the highest selling new gTLD. Recently, .XYZ family was further increased with the sale of 16.XYZ for a total of $379,376 at

The auction featured two letter .XYZ domain names, two-number .XYZ domain names, as well as three-letter and three number .XYZ domain names.

Why I choose .XYZ domains?

Following is the complete list of auctioned domains:

Here are the results :     $38.583     $15.433 $725     $8.334     $3.472  $17.594 $6.173     $59.417 $7.717 $6.636 $6.019 $3.472 $4.090   $175.166     $26.545

Lets wait for another huge domain sale from .XYZ domain family. 

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